Car electronics


Electric car – it’s his manageability, security, control over the operation of all major systems, as well as small pleasant things that make using the machine especially comfortable. It electrician could be called the “brain” in the body of the iron horse. It is no secret that elements belonging to this group, as a rule, fail more often. The small, annoying malfunction can seriously spoil the impression of the communication with the vehicle, and therefore trust the repair of electrical components is only to professionals, capable not only to eliminate any faults, but also to prevent the emergence of new problems.
We offer you all kinds of electrical work:
Repair of engine management systems: the fuel supply system; the ignition system; control combustible mixture and the exhaust gasesDiagnostics and repair of starters, generators, engine cooling systems, heating, ventilation and so on.Diagnosis and repair of exterior lighting elements and light-signaling devices, as well as auxiliary equipment (control panels, lighting inside the cabin, hatches, windows, seat heating, etc.)Repair of electronic systemsDiagnosis and installing control units HID, xenon headlightsInstallation of car alarms, any additional equipmentAnd much more. 
Car electronics – a list the most popular WORKS:
Search Open or short circuit in the wiring.For example, the electricity consumer is not working, and fuse with the purpose, in this case, you need to check all the electrical chain from source electricity- generator and ending by the consumer. In this chain usually has a lot of elements (electrical wiring, fuse boxes, relay, ignition switch). To all this Autoelectrician understand, you need to have a specific circuit diagram of the machine elements and parameters. Search for hidden faults is the main work electrician. The fault can be sought the whole day, and fix it in five minutes.
Alternator Repair.The generator assembly is a complex which consists of an alternator, rectifier and voltage regulator. Failure can come from any of these components and also often necessary to change armature bearings. Those. electrics problem in this case to find that you need to change (zadefektovat), and then perform a self repair.
Repair starter.The starter consists of a DC motor, driving gear with free wheel (drive) and the retractor relay. Over time (especially at cold start in the winter, or if a long time trying to start the engine nezavodyaschiysya) starter power is reduced. The reason is usually overheating anchor or anchor bushings wear. It can also jam or malfunction Bendix (drive) and can burn the retractor relay. Electrician in this case determines the faulty parts, bushing changes, lubricates and collects a starter.
Repair of the instrument cluster.A combination of devices – a complex electronic device, where there are signs of various vehicle parameters, as well as various LED signaling (eg engine overheating). Managing a combination of a modern car can be made using the controller. If you stop working any indicator (eg fuel level), it can be connected including a combination of a malfunction. After appropriate checks electrician should pinpoint the problem and if it is necessary to disassemble and remove the combination. For this course you need to know the repair design combination that usually there in databases, and how to remove, put it on the car.
Repair of the mounting block.In the mounting block typically focus power relays for powering the various users (light elektrobenzonasosa et al.) Which are interconnected by means of usual circuit board that can be layered. If it fails, or a relay, it is usually determined very quickly. Worse if the fault in the circuit board itself, in this case (if it is such an exclusive car and buy a new expensive) charge is released from the relay and auto electrician is looking for defects (gaps or short-circuit contact tracks), after which they are removed by means of soldering.
Installation and repair of alarm systems.Setting alarms is a well-established technology, and is usually straightforward. You need to install somewhere under the panel of the control unit, and a motion sensor. Next, set the limit switches on the doors, boot lid and bonnet (can be used full-time if they have one), to establish under the hood howler. Thereafter atvoelektrik connects all the wires, of course you need a good wire laid under the skin, to protect the wires in locations of mobile connections (n ​​ r body – door), establishes special corrugations. If the alarm is triggered, the motor start-up should not be possible for this car electrician breaks the power circuit with a gasoline pump or motor controller, the place of rupture is connected by wires to the alarm control unit (there are alarms, where the connection wire demon). alarm installation quality is determined by the quality of work and how to safely hidden control unit and place the gap to protect unauthorized launch. The final phase is to configure the auto-electrician motion sensor and remote control. Fault alarms are usually associated with limit switches and remote controls, with less impact sensors and even less with the control unit itself. To carry out repair of alarms, qualified electrician must be an order of magnitude higher than during installation. You must also have a description of the algorithms and alarm programming.
 Plot autoelectriciansPlot autoelectricians a computer database with Internet access where there are electrical and teh.opisaniya any cars in the world.