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This section “Workbenches” is for those who want to buy your property work desk for optimal price. In this section you will find workbenches for your car or garage service by our website placed the highest quality metal furniture manufacturers.
Our offered range of products is regularly updated and expanded, so that would be more convenient for you to find the requested product, we recommend using the box “Search”. As well as you can get in touch with our consultants or chatting on the phone, who will be happy to help you choose the most appropriate work Glade or any other commodity.
Purchase a work desk in our online store is very simple and convenient because we not only sell, but also supply their products all over Latvia, directly to your specified address (if necessary).
Garages are usually used LTI different working tables, from a variety of materials and with many combinations. Our online store offers high quality metal furniture, and directly in this section, work tables. Like other metal furniture and working tables are offered of different modifications, they differ from one another with the working surface dimensions, height, width, number, number, etc. .. drawer work table frame is made of 25-30 mm thick plywood sheets, which It is coated with a 1-1.5 mm thick galvanized metal. Thus, the work surface is durable and easy to clean. Not unimportant fact is that all of our proposed work tables can be fitted to the perforated panels covered comfortable, can place frequently used tools or a variety of small parts, screws, etc ..
Our work tables, relatively, is distinguished by its design, as well as durability. For example, a workbenches surface can withstand up to 500 kg load, but the drawer up to 30 kg (each).
Thus, the combination of our designers and engineers, brilliant minds in our offer have appeared in high-quality workbenches with an attractive design.
All products are certified in accordance with ISO-2001-2008: “Quality management System for the design, production, sale and after-sales service of metal furniture and metal structures”.