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Tool cabinets: purpose and benefitsInstrumental and metal cabinets are designed for storage of tools, spare parts, devices, parts, their convenient search and quick access to them. This furniture is a necessary part of the interior of the workshop, service station, metalwork and repair shop, metrology and testing laboratories. It optimizes the workspace, tool storage, and also simplifies the process of their search.
What is the purpose of instrument cabinets and what are their advantagesThe order in the workplace is one of the requirements of the organization of work. It increases the efficiency of work and prevents the occurrence of accidents. Using tool cabinets allows you to:• streamline the toolkit;• to ensure its safety;• Remove from the workspace small items that interfere with the flow of the working process.According to the calculations of specialists, the presence of tool cabinets in the working area allows:• Reduce simple equipment by 14%;• Reduce the cost of purchasing tools by 10%;• save 1 hour of work, which was previously spent on finding the necessary device.In addition to the listed advantages of metalware and tool cabinets, there are a few more to be mentioned:• they are easy to clean and treated with disinfection solutions;• resistant to aggressive factors;• fire-resistant;• Provide limited access to the instrument.Cabinets are reliable in operation, durable, rarely require repair.
Material of manufacture
The material for the products is sheet steel with a thickness of 1.0 to 1.5 mm. The surface of the product is covered with powder polymer paint, which provides high protection of the product walls from scratches, damages, the influence of aggressive media. Working furniture can be painted in different colors. But the most acceptable for industrial premises is steel and dark blue.
What is the perforation on the walls and door of the cabinet?
Perforated door and rear wall extend the functionality of the cabinet. On them, you can install hooks, holders and hinges for keys and tools. But the main purpose of perforation is to ensure air circulation and maintain optimum storage conditions for metal products inside the cabinet.
Construction of furniture for storage of toolsThe design of tool cabinets is different. It is selected depending on where they are supposed to be located and what to store. Cabinets are filled with modules: hardware, containers, shelves, boxes. Combining them, you can get a design that best suits the needs of the workstation for which the cabinet is intended.• Shelves: can be extended or be stationary, adjustable in height. As a rule, in the cabinets a combination of shelves.• Doors: swinging or roulette. The second is the most preferable option in conditions of limited space.• Locks with bolt locking system.• Metal trays for storing small parts.• Boxes for storage of bulk, medium size parts. They are equipped with ball guides, which ensure full extension.The permissible load on the shelf is on average up to 70 kg, in the most powerful structures up to 300 kg, on the box – up to 50 kg. This furniture is mobile, it can easily be moved to another place or, combining modules, adapt to changed conditions and requirements.
Features of the design of metal tool cabinets
The operating life of tool cabinets is practically unlimited: reliability and strength characteristics are very high. Unlike furniture from chipboard, metal cabinets do not emit harmful substances, which in the work area and so there is enough. They do not soak, tools are stored in optimal conditions for them and do not undergo corrosion destruction. In the event of a fire, non-metallic parts of tools do not burn and melt.A key feature of this working furniture is the choice of accessories and a combination of cabinets for the most convenient organization of the workplace.
How to choose a tool cabinet To choose the right cabinet, you need to decide:• what will be stored in it;• what is the expected load on shelves and boxes;• where the cabinet will be installed in the working room.Therefore, when choosing, pay attention to the dimensions of the product and the internal volume of the cabinet. It is extremely important such an indicator as the depth of the shelf. It should not be too big or vice versa.The reliability of the design also determines the way the boxes are made. Experts advise to choose models of cabinets, in which boxes are completely welded. They are much more reliable than collapsible ones and add extra strength structures. Drawers of tool cabinets can be filled with plastic metal containers. If you do not need unnecessary noise, choose models equipped with a double-sided damper.Our cabinets are considered one of the best in a series of similar products. They successfully compete in terms of functionality with Germany.
The use of industrial furniture in the interior of living quartersUse tool cabinets can be at home – in the garage or in the country house. Order is important in everything and always. They are even used in the design of interiors. The style of the loft just implies the use of industrial furniture in the interior. The upper floors of the industrial buildings handed over to the apartments were refitted by their new owners with the fit of the interior to the conditions that were offered. And since they received such apartments rather poor people, they used everything that was at hand, including metal cabinets, to furnish the room.Good luck with your choice!