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Cases for clothes dryingTime flies with an alarming speed, we often do not have enough of it to perform many routine actions. In addition, modern civilization has become accustomed to a certain kind of comfort. And the truth is, if you can make life easier with innovative devices available on the market, why not do it?Today, few people imagine hand washing, washing dishes under running water or cooking in the oven. Producers, taking into account the needs of customers, offer them solutions that greatly simplify and accelerate the work around the house, almost completely automating it. One such device is the clothes drying cabinet. Yes, it has not yet reached the level of popularity that washing machines or dishwashers use, but it is still ahead. This promising development will soon be in every house.The main question that will come before us when buying this device, how to choose the right closet for drying clothes? We’ll talk about this and many other things below.
How to choose a wardrobe for drying clothesThis equipment at first glance resembles an ordinary metal cabinet or large safe, which is connected to the ventilation shaft. If you have free space, do not even hesitate, you must immediately buy, install and use. The functionality of this equipment will be quickly appreciated by those who still use folding or hanging dryers in the bathroom (or simply with stretched laundry ropes) or who often have to quickly and quickly dry clothes, overalls, shoes and other accessories. Dryers for clothes, contrary to popular belief, do not damage clothes and do not spend a lot of electricity.It is especially important to use these devices in dormitories, apartments, hotels, shelters, state institutions, etc.
How does the clothes drying cabinet work?Before you start choosing and buying a specific model of the dryer, you need to understand the types of these devices and their basic parameters. Manufacturers, offer products of different designs that differ in the way they work.Most dryers are connected to the ventilation. They are convenient to install in a room, for example, a bathroom, a hallway, kitchen, utility rooms, etc.Drying of this type is equipped with a long ventilation tube, which is easily attached to the cabinet construction by means of clamps attached to get moist air. At low humidity and good ventilation, the connection to the ventilation opening for extraction is not necessary.The cabinet has a multifunctional electronic controller, tuned to at least three work programs. The cabinet has triple protection against overload from fire and uncontrolled temperature rise.This modern device, designed for a predetermined function, has a steel structure, the self-supporting galvanized sheet metal is painted with an electrostatic coating. Single or double doors opening outwards, with a profiled rubber seal. Adjustable door with a hole on the left or right side.The interior of the cabinet is provided with tubular shelves, which can be adjusted at different heights, so that you can raise or lower the charge.Drying occurs as follows: the air taken from the room should be down into the cabinet, heated and flows at a considerable speed. The direction of the flow is forced, that is, the heated air does not completely exit, but is partially used in a closed loop. Such a technique provides high efficiency with minimal energy consumption.
Programs and features of dryersIn the market there are dryers that are equipped with various functions. Among the most important functionality that can be useful to the user, we can note:Display – for setting drying parameters. This is certainly a convenient function, which when selecting drying options will not allow you to make a mistake.Opening the dryer is a great help for placing dry clothes in the closet.Delayed start is a function that allows you to set the time when the dryer starts.Humidity and temperature sensors – sensors automatically adjusts the drying program for clothing moisture and temperature, depending on the type of fabric. So delicate fabrics will be saved from destruction.Our online store is their official dealer, so our prices are the lowest in the region. In addition, we are responsible for the quality of the products sold, and are ready to confirm it with certificates and a guarantee.
Why us?Reasonable question, which, for sure, is of interest to many readers. Of course, you have the right to choose, because in the market there is a huge number of manufacturers offering products of different price range and different functionality. We will not talk about the advantages and disadvantages of other companies, let’s talk about our advantages better.We support the domestic manufacturer, and we do it with pride. We checked the products in our own houses and apartments. Only after we were convinced of its quality, we became an official dealer.The quality of products, which is at the world level. Yes, the dryers we sell are not only presentable and pretty compact, but also very reliable, they have a rich functionality, are easy to maintain and durable.Low prices. Saying “low”, we mean “very low” or even “cheap”. Compare the cost of our products with their counterparts. Are you convinced of the profitability and economy? Then it’s time to make a purchase!Pleasant conditions of cooperation. At this point we include polite and qualified communication with customers, convenient payment methods, prompt delivery in an acceptable way, warranty service.Presence of a guarantee on the cabinets for drying clothes. Agree, it’s nice to know that if a failure occurs, you will either be replaced by an assembly, or it will be repaired for free. But we hasten to add that due to the high quality of the products, it is unlikely that you will need its repair in the next 5 years, or even 10 (with proper operation, of course).Each dryer is securely packaged and equipped with detailed instructions for use, installation, maintenance, etc. If you do not understand something, please contact us with questions. We are interested in satisfying customers!
Provisions for restrictions on the use of certain chemical substancesin electrical and electronic equipment
These Regulations do not apply to:

equipment used directly for the protection of public safety andmilitary purposes, including arms, munitions and special militaryequipment;
equipment designed to be sent into space;
equipment specially designed and installed as part of other types ofequipment not covered by this Regulation which can perform itsfunctions only as part of that installation and can only be replaced bythe same specially designed equipment.
large-scale stationary industrial tools;
small fixed installations.
means of passenger or goods vehicles with the exception of power-driven vehicles of an approved type with two wheels;
mobile machinery which is not dedicated to road and used forprofessional purposes only;
 active implantable medical devices;
photovoltaic panels intended to be used in a system which isdesigned, assembled and installed in a predefined place forcontinuous use in order to obtain electrical energy from solarradiation, public, economic and industrial use, as well as for the needsof the population;
equipment specially designed for research and developmentpurposes and available only to economic operators.