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Sets bits, heads and accessories
Working with high-quality tool greatly facilitates home repairs. In order to significantly expand the range of possibilities will need to master a set of bits and a set of heads for screwdriver.
Mistaken are those who think that such sets are only required professional repairman. In a life often there are situations when you need something to hang, drilled or screwed to the wall. By doing this work yourself, you will be assured not only in quality but also in the low price made repair.
Using the bit heads and
Sets ¼ heads and bits permit a twist of small size bolts and screws different without breaking the integrity of the hardware. Using this adjustable wrench and pliers leads workers head elements into disrepair, making them unsuitable for further use.
Another undoubted advantage of this type of accessories – Easy nozzle change in the working tool. Whatever sets of bits you choose, efficiency and versatility of the work you are guaranteed.
How to choose
Deciding to buy a set of sockets and bits for the screwdriver, many prefer a small compact kits, which include the most universal variety of spins. Of course, large suitcases more suitable for professionals, but even in everyday life can be caught with custom bolt thread, which can be unscrewed, only sorting through several different baits.
One of the most important points that should be considered before buying a set of heads – the material from which they are made. The most practical and durable is considered a set of sockets and bits of the following alloys:
Tungsten molybdenum +Chrome molybdenum +Chromium + vanadium.
But for a bit of steel screwdriver unlikely to serve you for a long time. These tips are not only unable to accurately process a solid concrete, but also deleted pretty quickly, though, and are thus a lot of money.
The protective coating on the tool is also needed. A set of bits for the screwdriver, coated titanium or nickel guarantees high quality and the degree of strength of the tool.